Q: How long will my first appointment be?

A: Your first Physiotherapy session will usually last for 1 hour. You will receive a thorough assessment and we will initiate some form of treatment during this visit, as time allows.

Q: How long do follow-up appointments take?

A: Follow-up visits are booked every 30 minutes but you will often be in the clinic for longer than this, if you and your therapist determine that other therapeutic modalities would be of benefit to you (for example, acupuncture, EMS, IFC, ice etc.)

Q: Are services covered by OHIP?

A: No, our services are not covered by OHIP. They are covered by many Extended Health Care Insurance Plans and they are covered if you have been in a Motor Vehicle Accident. You should contact your health insurance provider to confirm your level of coverage and submission requirements.

Q: Do I need a doctor's referral?

A: No, you do not require a doctor's referral to attend Physiotherapy, however some insurance companies do require a referral when you submit your treatment receipts.

Q: Do the therapists run on time?

A: They try to :)

Q: Are my treatment records and information confidential?

A: Yes! We understand that health information about you is personal and must be protected. For these reasons we will:

- provide the highest level of confidentiality around the collection, use and disclosure of your personal health information;

- collect only necessary information and use that information solely for the care and treatment you are seeking;

- disclose only information necessary for the delivery and management of your care to those involved in that care. This should include a laboratory, another health care provider or your health insurance plan;

- ask your permission before disclosing any of your information for purposes not related directly to your care and treatment, unless otherwise authorized by law;

- recognize your right to access of your health information when you request it and provide copies for a minimal fee; and

- be available to respond to your questions and concerns about the way we handle the privacy of your personal health information.

Q: What is Physiotherapy and is it the same as Physical Therapy?

A: The Canadian Physiotherapy Association treats the terms: Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy as synonymous.

Physiotherapy is a primary care, autonomous, client-focused health profession dedicated to improving quality of life by:

- Promoting optimal mobility, physical activity and overall health and wellness;

- Preventing disease, injury, and disability;

- Managing acute and chronic conditions, activity limitations, and participation restrictions;

- Improving and maintaining optimal functional independence and physical performance;

- Rehabilitating injury and the effects of disease or disability with therapeutic exercise programs and other interventions;

- and Educating and planning maintenance and support programs to prevent re-occurrence, re-injury or functional decline.

Physiotherapy is anchored in movement sciences and aims to enhance or restore function of multiple body systems. The profession is committed to health, lifestyle and quality of life. This holistic approach incorporates a broad range of physical and physiological therapeutic interventions and aids. Physiotherapy services are those that are performed by physiotherapists or any other trained individuals working under a physiotherapist’s direction and supervision.

(from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Website - Physiotherapy Definition - Summary Statement)