A concussion is an injury to the brain that can be caused either by a direct trauma (blow to the head) or indirectly when the head is moved rapidly causing the brain to hit the inside of the skull (for example, in a whiplash-type injury).

Concussions are initially treated with rest and usually symptoms resolve within 7-10 days.  A graduated return to cognitive and physical activity is initiated and the patient is guided through the process, progressing the level of activity while being cautious to avoid creating symptoms.

Our Physiotherapists who are trained in concussion management can evaluate and treat many of the symptoms related to the concussion and will address any concurrent injuries at the same time.  Often, if a patient has experienced a trauma significant enough to have produced a concussion, there are concurrent injuries to the soft tissues of the neck as well.  Vestibular rehabilitation and Craniosacral therapy techniques are often used in concussion rehabilitation, however treatment is always tailored to the individual as no two concussions are exactly the same.